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A campaign to prove that #TourismRocks

Tourism Northern Ontario

Tourism Northern Ontario

Tourism Northern Ontario (TNO) coordinates, aligns, and invests in Northern Ontario’s tourism industry. They work alongside local tourism organizations and take lead on pan-northern events and programs. View more work with this client

Tourism Rocks! is a campaign which aims to generate awareness of the overall importance of tourism in Northern Ontario as well as to raise awareness of the career opportunities available in Northern Ontario’s tourism industry.


Campaign branding

We created a campaign logo and a simple style guide covering typography, colour palettes, and illustration style to guide and focus campaign design. The campaign combined Tourism Northern Ontario’s brand with a fun, friendly aesthetic.


Social media campaign

We created a series of animated GIFs that were posted to social media to highlight the benefits of Northern Ontario tourism.

The project allowed us to incorporate a collaborative storyboarding process, taking into account the target audience and context—answering questions like "how will this animation be displayed?", and "how will its messaging accompany it?".

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