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A company whose “belief in people” isn’t just good PR.

Algoma Insurance Brokers

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Algoma Insurance Brokers

Algoma Insurance Brokers has been a leading insurance brokerage serving Northern Ontario communities for over 75 years. AIB strives for excellence by focusing on people, product and technology in order to better serve their clients.


Algoma Insurance Brokers has been a leader amongst insurance brokerages in the Sault Ste Marie area garnering over 50% market share in a competitive market. In order to continue growth within the company, new tactics would need to be employed to reach new markets and attract a younger demographic.


Algoma Insurance Brokers approached us with the need to implement a digital strategy.

When we stepped in, we analyzed the situation: Dated corporate branding, an unfriendly mobile website, and a very traditionally-focused advertising strategy—but two of their core values became an obvious foundation for our work with them: focus on clients and belief in people. Using these values as a framework, we refreshed their visual identity, redeveloped their website, and implemented a new digital marketing strategy.


Our first move was to build a mobile-responsive website.

The new website, built on WordPress, was designed with a focus on building relationships with people. Smiling employees’ faces are prominently displayed on the homepage, with real client testimonials just below.

Calls to action draw visitor focus toward a single action: getting a quote. The process has been simplified to a single form, where users can fill out their needs, and an advisor will get back to them within the hour.

Three iPhones demonstrating the Get A Quote form on the Algoma Insurance Brokers website
A quick, simple form experience was important from the start.

Content restructuring.

By working closely with the client, we restructured and reworked years worth of content, making it easier for visitors to find the information they were looking for, as well as optimizing for search engines.

Ongoing optimizations.

After the new website launched, traffic jumped by about 30%, and sessions continue to grow at a rate of nearly 20% per year (Last checked Jan 2016 to Jan 2017). But it doesn’t stop there; we are constantly working to improve user experience, SEO, and conversion rates across the website.

Algoma Insurance Brokers business cards, promotional brochure, and website

We believe that an educated client makes for a great partner...

...which is why, when we started rolling out AIB’s digital strategy, we held staff training sessions. Staff were educated on the basics of content marketing and social media marketing.

The updated branding was designed to be a radical departure, visually, from their previous identity.

The majority of the refresh came with colour changes. Brighter, happier colours were brought to the forefront, replacing grey and beige tones, and the existing typeface was replaced with a friendlier, more modern option.

In addition to feeling more approachable and vibrant, the refresh allows us to take the brand in fun new directions.

Algoma Insurance Brokers B&E Infographic
A friendly infographic explaining how to prevent break and enters.

Search results page showing Algoma Insurance Brokers ad

The success of the AIB's pay-per-click campaigns is attributed to regular account optimizations, effective landing page design, conversion rate optimization, and quality score improvements through keyword research.

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