Digital solutions tailored for small business.

Brand Development

First impressions are everything.

Your brand is the face of your company. It goes beyond a logo. A solid brand has the power to resonate and inspire customers as well as employees. Build a brand that customers remember.

Your brand should answer:

Who you are

Who should know about you

Why people should care

A group of logos

Web Development

Let your website do the work.

Reach your marketing goals with websites and landing pages designed to convert users from visitors to customers. Learn more about web development.

Just a taste of what we can do:

Responsive web design

Equipped with SEO tools


Digital Marketing Strategy

Every good play needs a playbook.

The Digital Marketing Strategy is the baseline of every successful endeavour into digital marketing.

Analytics & Reporting Plan

A strategy for tracking important metrics, demographics, and visitor behaviour.

Email Marketing Strategy

The plan and tools to properly reach customers by email.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tactics to engage users and drive traffic to your website.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Research-driven setup of the tools you'll need for SEO and PPC advertising.

Digital Marketing Retainer

The marketing horsepower you need.

A full marketing team focused on helping your business succeed. Working with us on retainer allows us to learn your business and tackle the long-term goals that your company hopes to reach.

Why should you hire us?

Dedicated account manager

No-nonsense, data-driven approach

Expertise in today's marketing landscape

What you'll get...

Self-Serve Client Portal

A centralized portal where you can view and manage your marketing services.

Annual planning & marketing check-ins

Plan initiatives for key dates. Review past/ongoing campaigns and spot opportunities for improvement.

Realtime Analytics Reporting

Access to dynamic reporting that showcases metrics for audience & acquisition, user behaviour, conversions, social and email, and paid advertising.

 Realtime Reporting

Digital marketing report mockup

 Client Portal

Cavera Client Portal mockup

How does your website measure up?

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